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What is my Zilch credit limit?
What is my Zilch credit limit?

Find out how much you can spend with Zilch.

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You'll see your credit limit described in a few ways in the app:

Your credit limit

This is the maximum amount you can spend on all your Zilch purchases when you Pay over 6 weeks or, if you're eligible, when you pay with either Pay over 6 weeks or Pay over 3 months.

Your available credit

This is the portion of your credit limit that you haven't used yet. For example, if your credit limit is £1,000 and you make a £100 purchase using Pay over 6 weeks, your available credit becomes £900. When you completely pay off all four instalments, the total purchase amount (£100) will be added back to your available credit.

How is my credit limit decided?

We calculate your credit limit when you sign up to Zilch. As a responsible lender, we make sure you never borrow more than you can afford, so we'll set your limit to an amount we believe you can comfortably borrow.

What's my maximum credit limit?

Your maximum credit limit is an amount that is slightly higher than your current credit limit, and it represents how much we could increase your credit limit if you make payments on time or early.

Increase your credit limit

You could increase your credit limit by connecting to Open Banking. Your bank will share some of your financial data with us to give us a better understanding of your spending habits. If we think you can comfortably afford a higher credit limit, we might increase it.

You can also work towards a higher credit limit by making sure you avoid missed payments and making payments early.

Don't want your credit limit to go up?

If you're eligible for an increased limit, we'll change it automatically, but if you don't want this increase, just get in touch in the app to let us know:

  • Open the app

  • Go to Help

  • Scroll down to start a Live Chat

My limit didn't go back up after a payment

Your credit limit will only go up once you pay off a whole purchase. So, if you spend £100, your credit limit won't increase by £25 after a payment is made every two weeks, it will only increase once by the full £100 after you've paid all your instalments in six weeks. If you've fully paid off a purchase and your limit still hasn't gone up, get in touch.

Why did my credit limit go down?

Your maximum Zilch credit limit may go down if you miss a payment.

You won’t be charged a late fee for missed payments. However, you might not be able to make any further purchases and your Zilch account could be blocked. Keep in mind that missed or late payments can also affect your credit score, so it’s good to stay on top of them.

If you’re worried you might miss a payment, there are ways we can help. You can Snooze a payment or you can contact us to see if we can rearrange your payment plan.

Want to spend more than your credit limit?

Zilch Boost lets you make purchases that go over your credit limit, all you need to do is pay the extra along with your first instalment at checkout.

Still need help?

Get in touch with Customer Support or start a Live Chat in the app.

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