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What is my Zilch credit limit?
What is my Zilch credit limit?

Find out your Zilch credit limit and why it might increase or decrease

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When you sign up to Zilch, we’ll give you your personalised credit limit. This is the amount you can use on Pay over 6 weeks purchases. If you’re not sure what yours is, you can find it on the Zilch app.

How can I increase my Zilch credit limit?

You could increase your credit limit by connecting Open Banking (this just means linking your Zilch account to your debit account). Your bank will share some of your financial data with us to give us a better understanding of your affordability. This will let us tailor your credit limit to what we think you can comfortably afford to repay.

Read more about Open Banking here.

Another way you could increase your Zilch credit limit is by repaying early. This just lets us know that you’re not borrowing outside of your means, so we might be able to reassess your credit limit.

Why has my Zilch credit limit amount decreased?

Your Zilch credit limit may decrease if you miss a payment.

You won’t receive a late-payment charge for missed payments. However, your Zilch account may be temporarily or permanently blocked. Keep in mind that missed or late payments can also affect your credit score, so it’s good to stay on top of them.

If you’re worried you might miss a payment, there are ways we can help. You might have the option to Snooze a payment or you can contact us to see if we can rearrange your payment plan.

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