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Can I make a payment early?
Can I make a payment early?

Pay off an instalment before your due date.

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You can pay off your Zilch instalments at any time before their due dates. Making payments early may help increase your credit limit.

How to make a payment early

  • Open the Zilch app

  • Go to Purchases

  • Select which purchase you want to make a payment on

  • Choose one or several payments to make

If you have an iPhone, you can make your payments with Apple Pay, too – just make sure you don't select your Zilch card if you've added it to your Apple Wallet. As soon as you pay all four instalments of a purchase, we'll add the total purchase amount back to your available credit.

Or try Pay now

Remember, if you're keen to pay off a purchase as soon as possible, you can also use Zilch to Pay now – you'll pay 100% of your purchase cost at checkout and you'll get up to 5% back in Rewards. Plus, with Boost, you can even spend a little more than your available credit.

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