What is Snooze?

Need to delay a payment? Find out how our Snooze feature works

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Life happens, so if you need a bit more time to pay, you can use our Snooze feature to delay an instalment by four days. It just gives you a bit more leeway when timings are tight.

Here's how it works:

How many times can I use Snooze?

Use the Snooze button wisely. You can only snooze a payment once per purchase – and you can’t snooze your first payment.

Will I be charged for using Snooze?

You can use Snooze on your second or third instalment for free. And if you need to, you can snooze all your instalments or just the final one for a £1.50 fee.

Am I eligible to use Snooze?

Snooze is available to all customers on the Zilch app once you've made a Pay over 6 weeks purchase. You’ll see it as an option on your payment timeline. But remember, if you miss any payments, we might limit your ability to use it.

Does using Snooze affect my credit score?

No, using Snooze won't affect your credit score. However, you must ensure you've snoozed your payment at least one day before your due date to ensure our systems have time to process it. Late or missed payments could negatively affect your credit score.

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