What is Boost?

Got a pricier purchase in mind? Learn how you can increase your credit limit using Zilch Boost

Updated over a week ago

If your Pay over 6 weeks credit limit doesn’t cover the cost of your purchase, you can use Boost to give you a little extra.

For example, if your credit limit is £200 and you use Boost to make a purchase of £300, you’ll pay the following instalments:

  • £150 (plus any fees) at checkout (the £100 Boost amount + your first £50 instalment)

  • £50 two weeks after the transaction date

  • £50 four weeks after the transaction date

  • £50 six weeks after the transaction date

How do I activate Zilch Boost?

You don’t need to do anything, your purchase will automatically be boosted if you spend over your credit limit. Simple.

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