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What is Boost?

Spend more than your available credit.

Updated over a week ago

Zilch Boost lets you pay for a purchase that costs more than your available credit. Boost adds the difference between your available credit and your purchase value to your first instalment.

For example, if your available credit is £200 but you want to make a £300 purchase, we'll just add the extra £100 to your first instalment and you'll pay the rest in your usual three remaining instalments.

You must have enough in your bank account to cover your first instalment + the extra Boost amount or your purchase will be declined.

How to turn Zilch Boost on/off

  • Open the Zilch app

  • Go to My Account

  • Select Zilch account details

  • Select Boost and use the Enabled toggle

Once it’s toggled on, any purchase over your available credit will be automatically Boosted at checkout, so be sure to turn it back off if you don’t want this to happen.

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