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Problems with your purchase?
Why was my purchase declined?
Why was my purchase declined?

Zilch card not working? Here's why your payment might have been declined.

Updated over a week ago

There are a few reasons your purchase didn't go through:

Not enough money in your Zilch account

Your first Pay over 6 weeks instalment (or 100% of a Pay now purchase) is made at checkout. That means if there's not enough money in your linked debit card's account to cover the cost, the purchase will be declined.

You have overdue payments

We may put a temporary block on your account if you miss a payment. As soon as you clear your overdue instalments, we'll be able to remove the block.

You shopped at a blocked retailer

To keep your account safe and protect you from fraud, there are certain store types that Zilch blocks. If you do shop at one of these stores, we'll stop the purchase and no money will leave your account.

Your linked debit card has expired

Please make sure the debit card you link to your Zilch account is up to date. If your card has expired, you can change it in the app:

  • Open the Zilch app

  • Go to My Account

  • Select Zilch account details

  • Select Connected debit card then Update Debit Card

You have outstanding actions on your account

You might have actions you need to complete on your Zilch account, including:

  • Signing a new Revolving Credit Agreement (RCA)

  • Paying outstanding purchases

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Contact Customer Support or, if you're logged into our app, you can start a Live Chat.

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