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What ID can I use to sign up?
What ID can I use to sign up?

Find out what ID we need to set up your account.

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When you sign up to Zilch, we'll ask you to share proof of ID along with a selfie. This is so we can be sure it's definitely you opening an account and not a fraudster trying to open an account using your details.

What proof of ID can I use?

We need a photographic ID to verify your identity, this can be:

  • A valid passport

  • A driving licence or provisional licence

  • A CitizenCard with a holographic PASS logo

What proof of address can I use?

You can use the following as proof of address – you can't use the same document for both proof of ID and address:

  • A utility bill from the last three months

  • A bank statement from the last three months

  • A council tax bill for the current tax year

  • A UK driving licence

  • A mortgage statement from your lender from the last year

  • A solicitor’s letter for a house purchase or land registry from the last three months

  • A council or housing association rent card for the current year

  • A tenancy agreement for the current year

  • An NHS-headed letter or other official document confirming a GP registration

I don't have any of these documents

Get in touch with Customer Support or start a Live Chat in the app to see if we can help you get signed up.

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