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Use Zilch in-store.

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Zilch not working in-store? There are a few reasons Tap and Pay might not work on your phone:

Your phone doesn't have NFC

You can check this in your device's specs on the manufacturer's site or by seeing if it's in your phone's settings. NFC is the type of technology that lets your phone make contactless payments. The majority of modern phones should have an NFC setting.

Your NFC setting isn't turned on

You can turn this on from your phone's settings menu. Your digital wallet app may also have a pop-up that lets you turn on NFC with a tap.

Your digital wallet requires a PIN

Some digital wallets will only let you pay from a locked screen if you're paying for transport and you've enabled this setting in the app. Otherwise, you might need to use Face ID, Touch ID or to unlock your phone and enter your wallet's PIN before you can pay.

You have more than one digital wallet

If you have more than one digital wallet on your phone, they can sometimes clash. For example, if you've set a card as your transport card (so you can pay for trains or buses without unlocking your phone) in Samsung Wallet but you open your Google Wallet to pay at the same time. Make sure to only have one wallet open at a time.

You're moving your phone too fast

Moving your phone too quickly or not holding it still can stop it from connecting correctly.

Your card wasn't added correctly

Adding your Zilch card to a digital wallet might require you to share a verification code. Please open your digital wallet and make sure you've completed all the steps to add your Zilch card details.

Your account is blocked

If you have a block on your card, for example, because you have too many overdue payments, or your card has been flagged for fraud, then you won't be able to make new purchases with Zilch.

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