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Why has my purchase been declined?
Why has my purchase been declined?

Find out why your purchase might have been declined and what you can do about it

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If you’re struggling to make a purchase, there are a few reasons why your Zilch card might have been declined. Here are some solutions to get you shopping again.

You don’t have enough money in your account

Zilch is linked to your debit card, so before you make a purchase, double-check you have the funds in that account to cover the payment.

Want to Pay over 6 weeks? The first payment of up to 50% (plus any fees) is taken at checkout. Be sure to have at least 25-50% of the purchase price in your linked debit account when you checkout.

You have an overdue payment

If you miss a payment, we may put a temporary block on your Zilch account. Don’t worry, your account will automatically be reinstated once the payment has cleared.

Read more about missed payments here.

Your Zilch card hasn’t been enabled

Before you can shop, you need to enable your Zilch card. Enabling your card takes just a second. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Log in to your Zilch account via the app or website

  2. Find the store you want to shop at via the search bar

  3. Choose Pay over 6 weeks or Pay Now

  4. Click Enable card

  5. Start shopping

Can’t find the store you’re looking for? Try Zilch Anywhere.

You’ve tried to shop with a blocked retailer

To keep you and your money safe, there are some purchases we don’t allow you to make using Zilch. These transactions include: gambling stores, stores selling virtual or foreign currency, money transfer services and stores selling weapons (including parts and accessories).

Your debit card has expired

Please check the expiry date of your Zilch card. If the card has expired, please update your card by tapping here

You haven’t signed our latest RCA

An RCA is simply a Revolving Credit Agreement. We need you to sign this before you can make any Pay over 6 weeks purchases. Occasionally, we might update our terms of service and will need you to sign the latest version of the RCA. Don’t worry, we’ll always notify you of this via email first.

To sign the RCA, just head to your Zilch account and sign in. Once that’s sorted, you’re free to start shopping.

Problem still not fixed?

Start a chat with the Customer Support team.

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