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Does Zilch affect my credit score?
Does Zilch affect my credit score?

See how using Zilch may impact your credit score.

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Zilch shares information with credit reference agencies – these are independent companies that securely hold data about your financial history (including credit card applications and payment habits) and score your overall behaviour with a mark out of 0-999.

Missing payments with Zilch can negatively impact your credit score, while paying on time or early could help you build your credit score.

Will Zilch check my credit score?

We run a soft credit score check when you sign up to Zilch – this doesn't affect your score and helps us calculate the best Zilch credit limit for you.

Does Zilch run a hard credit score check?

No, when you sign up to Zilch, we'll run a soft search so we can calculate your credit limit. Soft searches don't impact your credit score.

What is a hard credit search?

A hard credit search is a more in-depth look at your financial history and leaves a mark on your credit file. For example, if you apply for a credit card, the company can run a hard check to see if you've been applying for lots of credit products lately. Zilch never runs a hard credit check.

Why has my credit score gone down?

Missing payments or making late payments for credit cards (like Zilch) can negatively impact your credit score, making your score go down.

If you can't make a payment by your due date you can Snooze to delay a payment. If you need more help or are dealing with financial difficulties, please get in touch.

My credit score is wrong

If you think your credit score isn't right, let us know by getting in touch or starting a Live Chat in the app. You can also contact the credit agency who ran the check, they should be able to raise a dispute for you.

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