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Delay a payment with Snooze
Delay a payment with Snooze

Give yourself an extra 4 or 8 days to pay.

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Snooze any Pay over 6 weeks or Pay over 3 months purchases and delay your payment.

  • Snooze one or more payments

  • Snooze for 4 days

  • Snooze for 8 days (if you're eligible)

  • Snooze certain instalments for free

  • Delay payments without impacting your credit

Can't see Snooze for 8 days?

We're rolling this out to select customers at the moment. If your account is eligible, you'll see the option to Snooze for 8 days in your app.

Which instalments can I Snooze?

You can delay all your instalments or just your next one. You can't Snooze your first instalment as you must pay this at checkout. You can only use Snooze once per purchase and at least 24 hours before your due date.

Is Snooze free?

Depending on which instalment you select, you can Snooze for free, or might need to pay a small fee.

Snooze for 4 days:

  • Free to Snooze your second or third instalment

  • £1.50 to Snooze your last instalment

  • £1.50 to Snooze all instalments

Snooze for 8 days:

  • £3.00 to Snooze any instalment

  • £3.00 to Snooze all instalments

When do I pay for Snooze fees?

Any fees will be taken from your linked debit card as soon as you Snooze a payment.

How to use Snooze

Using Snooze for a payment is easy:

  • Open the Zilch app

  • Go to Purchases

  • Select which purchase you want to Snooze

  • Select Delay payment with Snooze

  • Choose if you want to delay all or just your next instalment

  • Choose to delay by 4 or 8 days

Your Snooze fee will be taken from your account immediately, and your new due dates will show in the Purchases area of your app.

Will Snooze affect my credit limit?

No, Snooze gives you the flexibility to delay payments without impacting your credit limit. Your Snoozed instalments won't count as missed payments because Snooze creates a new due date.

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