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What is Tap and Pay?

Use Zilch to pay in-store.

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Tap and Pay lets you pay with Zilch in-store by holding your device (a smartphone or smartwatch) against a card reader.

Set up Tap and Pay

To start using Tap and Pay, you'll need to add your Zilch card to a digital wallet. Zilch works with the following devices and wallets:

You'll need to manually add your Zilch card details to your wallet, you can find these in the app:

  • Go to My Account

  • Select Zilch card settings

  • Tap Show card details

  • You can copy and paste your card details

For security and to protect you from fraud, make sure to delete your card details from your paste clipboard once you're done.

How to use Tap and Pay

To use Tap and Pay, just hold your phone to a card reader. Any purchase you make without opening the app to enable your card will count as a Zilch Anywhere purchase and come with a fee.

For lower fees and higher Rewards, always enable your card first, just make sure to select In-store before you search for your store.

Still need help?

Start a Live Chat in the app.

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