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What is Tap and Pay?
What is Tap and Pay?

Find out how you can add Zilch to your digital wallet to pay in real life

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Make life easier with Tap and Pay. When you add your Zilch card to your digital wallet, you can pay on the go, anywhere that accepts Mastercard, using your phone.

How does Tap and Pay work?

Flat white in a flash? Sure thing, just Tap and Pay. It’s really as simple as it sounds…

When you sign up to Zilch, there’s no waiting for a card to drop on your doormat. Instead, you’ll receive a digital card instantly that you can start using to spend and save online and in-store. Add it to your digital wallet, then do as the title suggests – tap… and you’ve paid.

How do I add my Zilch card to my digital wallet?

Adding Zilch to your digital wallet is super simple, just follow these steps.

  • Log in to your Zilch account and head to My Account

  • Select Zilch card settings

  • Click Add your Zilch card to your digital wallet

  • Start shopping

Where can I use Tap and Pay?

Tap and Pay can be used absolutely anywhere that accepts Mastercard, so there’s no more rooting around in your bag for your bank card when you get to the checkout. Hurrah.

Can I earn Zilch Rewards with Tap and Pay?

Just when you thought it couldn’t get better, when you Pay now with Tap and Pay, you’ll earn 0.5% back in Zilch Rewards. You can spend them via Tap and Pay too, so consider your next coffee on us. Just make sure you enable your card in the app first for Zilch Anywhere in-store.

Can I Pay over 6 weeks with Tap and Pay?

That’s the best bit… Get pricier purchases in the bag when you Pay over 6 weeks in-store. Simply go to the Zilch app and set Pay over 6 weeks as your default purchase setting before you get to the checkout. Follow these steps to turn on Pay over 6 weeks…

  1. Head to your Zilch account via the app or website

  2. Select Zilch card settings

  3. Go to Default purchase settings

  4. Toggle on Pay over 6 weeks

FYI, when you first use your Zilch card to Tap and Pay, you’ll automatically be charged as Pay now. Purchases under £10 will also default to Pay now.

You should note you’ll be charged a fee of up to £3 when you pay using Pay over 6 weeks with Tap and Pay using your digital wallet.

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