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How long will my refund take?
How long will my refund take?

Find out how long it’ll take to process your refund

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We aim to process refunds within 14 working days. Once your store has refunded the money to Zilch, it’ll take us up to five working days to zip it back to your account.

FYI, we can’t process a refund until the store has confirmed your return.

How do partial refunds work on Pay over 6 weeks orders?

If you’ve only returned part of your Pay over 6 weeks order, we’ll apply the refund cost of these items to your future instalments.

If your partial refund is less than the balance you have left to pay, we’ll refund you the difference.

FYI, refunds are applied starting with your final payment, working backwards to your most recent payment. Until we’ve received confirmation of your refund from the store, we’ll still take any payment instalments that are due.

How long will a Pay now purchase refund take?

This will depend on your store’s refund policy. You can contact them directly for more information.

How long will an in-store refund take?

Returning your order in-store? Again, this will take up to 14 working days to process.

You’ll be asked to use the same device you used to make your purchase in order to process the return. The money will be sent back to your Zilch account and if you used Pay over 6 weeks, your payment instalments will be adjusted accordingly. If you don’t have an open purchase, we’ll send your refund back to your bank account.

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