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How long do refunds take?
How long do refunds take?

See how long it takes to get your refund.

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Online refunds usually take 3–5 business days. This is because we have to wait for the store to confirm your order was returned and then send us the refund first, and then it can take up to 5 days for it to be transferred to your linked debit card.

In-store refunds occur immediately at the till. As soon as you hand back your items and the cashier asks you to tap your Zilch card, the refund will be sent to your account.

We'll still take payments for the purchase even if you're waiting for a refund – please make sure you make these to avoid missing instalments. Once the store confirms your return, we'll refund the cost back to you.

Head to our How do refunds work? article to learn more about refunds.

Partial refunds

If you only return part of a purchase made with Pay now, you'll get that amount back to your account (immediately if you make the return in-store or within 3–5 days if you're sending the items back for an online return).

If you're returning part of a purchase made with Pay over 6 weeks or Pay over 3 months, we'll lower the cost of one of your upcoming instalments by the refunded amount.

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