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How do I change my account details?
How do I change my account details?

How to change your name, address or phone number on your account.

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When you sign up to Zilch, we'll ask you to verify your ID and proof of address, but you can still change these once your account is set up.

Update your Zilch account details

You can change the name, address or phone number on your Zilch app from your account settings:

  • Open the Zilch app

  • Go to My Account

  • Select Personal details

  • Select Edit next to your name, address or phone number

  • Enter your new details

For security, you can only change your address once you've had a Zilch account for three months and then only once every three months. Any phone number you add can't already be registered to another Zilch account.

The address on your account must match the billing address on any linked debit card you add to Zilch. So, if you update your address and then change your linked debit card, we'll decline it if it has a different billing address.

My name has legally changed

Name changes made in the app won't change the name that is officially registered to your Zilch account. If you want to change your legal name, just get in touch.

We'll need one of the following to prove your legal name has changed:

  • Deed poll certificate

  • Marriage or divorce certificate

Still need help?

You can start a Live Chat in the app or get in touch with our Customer Support team.

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