How do I dispute a purchase?

Got a problem with a purchase? Find more about opening a dispute with Zilch

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We hope every Zilch purchase goes smoothly, but sometimes problems occur. You might want to raise a purchase dispute if:

  • Your order never arrives or goes missing

  • Your order has arrived but isn’t as described or is counterfeit

  • You don’t receive a refund you’re entitled to

  • You’re charged for a purchase but the seller claimed it didn’t go through

Please make sure to read this article carefully before you raise a claim. You must have all the necessary documents to hand or we won't be able to process your dispute.

Can I get my money back?

We’ll need to consider your situation before deciding if you have the right to a chargeback or not. Successful chargebacks will result in the cost of your purchase being refunded back to your account.

So we can fully understand your case, we’ll need you to share some information. This includes:

  • Screenshots of any messages or emails you’ve shared with the store

  • Your order confirmation email

  • A detailed description of your issue

How to raise a purchase dispute with Zilch

Precisely how your dispute happens depends on your claim – sometimes things can be resolved in just a few stages, other times it can take longer. We're also required to give the store the chance to reply to your claim, so we need to give them enough time to do so.

1. Let us know you want to raise a dispute

First of all, please raise a dispute ticket in the app:

- Open the Zilch app

- Go to Purchases

- Select the purchase you want to dispute

- Tap Get help with this transaction?

- Scroll down and tap the Dispute button

Follow the steps, including getting in touch with the store directly. Remember to take screenshots of any messages or emails with the store as we might request these at a later stage.

2. Share any information needed

Once you’ve shared any information we’ve requested, we'll carefully review everything within seven days.

3. We’ll initiate a chargeback if necessary

If everything looks good, we'll initiate a chargeback against the store on your behalf, through Mastercard. All the evidence and information you've provided will be forwarded to the store, as well.

Stores are allowed to take up to 45 days to respond.

4. We’ll let you know the result of your claim

If your chargeback is successful (and we haven't already refunded you), you’ll receive a refund as soon as we’ve validated your claim. If the claim is unsuccessful, then you will have to pay for your purchase.

If we refund you before your claim's final result and the claim is unsuccessful, then we'll re-open your instalments and you'll have to make your payments on the purchase as usual.

If the store replies and wants to dispute your claim, then we may need more evidence from you. This can extend the timeline by 30 days as the store is allowed this time to accept or reject the claim. In rare cases, unresolved disputes are escalated to MasterCard which may take approximately 2 months for a ruling to be issued.

How long does a chargeback take?

Generally, the entire chargeback process can take up to 12 weeks.

Is it possible to speed up the process?

Unfortunately, we can’t expedite the chargeback process – the timeline is set by Mastercard rules and procedures that we must legally follow.

We might decide to refund you ahead of the store responding to your claim. If your claim is rejected, you will have to return the refund as part of your regular payments on the purchase.

Rest assured, we're committed to resolving each case as soon as we can.

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