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How do refunds work?
How do refunds work?

Return a purchase you made with Zilch.

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You can refund any Zilch purchase just as you normally would – here's everything you need to know about refunds.

Refunding Pay now purchases

Return your Pay now purchase as usual and we'll refund the amount back to your linked debit card.

Refunds for Pay over 6 weeks or Pay over 3 months

Return the purchase as usual and we'll refund any instalments you've already made and cancel any that were upcoming. Just so you know, we'll refund your latest instalment first, and then any earlier instalments in order.

Partial refunds

If you only return part of an order, we'll reduce your upcoming instalment amounts by the refunded amount, or refund it directly to your linked debit card.

Where's my refund?

Refunds for online purchases are usually completed within 3–5 days as we need the store to confirm they received your items and send the money to us first.

Refunds for in-store purchases are completed at the till, as soon as your items are received and the cashier asks you to tap your Zilch card.

Please get in touch or start a Live Chat in the app if you're missing a refund.

If you want a refund for items that never arrived or weren't as advertised, you might be able to raise a chargeback.

My refund amount was wrong

If you've been refunded the wrong amount, please get in touch or start a Live Chat in the app.

Are Rewards and fees refunded?

If you applied Rewards to a purchase and then returned it, we won't be able to refund your Rewards. We also can't refund any fees you paid such as Pay over 6 weeks/3 months or Zilch Anywhere fees. Read more about refunds for Rewards and fees.

What does 'match a refund' mean?

We might sometimes ask you to help us match a refund – this happens when the store hasn't shared enough information about your purchase. Don't worry, you'll always get the correct amount back.

We'll notify you in the app if we need your help matching a refund. If you can't find your exact purchase, you can:

  • Add it to any other open purchase from the same store

  • Add it to any other open purchase from a different store

  • Add it to a completed purchase

If you choose an open payment, we'll reduce an upcoming payment by your refund amount. If you add it to a completed purchase, we'll refund the money back to your linked debit card.

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