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Can I use Zilch for subscriptions?
Can I use Zilch for subscriptions?

Pay for subscriptions with Zilch.

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Subscriptions you can pay with Zilch include:

  • Amazon
    (Prime, Music, Audible, Kindle Unlimited)

  • Apple

  • Google Play / YouTube

  • Sky TV, Broadband and mobile

  • Ocado Smart Pass

  • Microsoft 365

  • Microsoft Xbox Game Pass

  • Deliveroo Plus

How does Pay over 6 weeks work for subscriptions?

Every subscription payment will be a separate Pay over 6 weeks purchase (including fee). So, if your January Amazon fee is paid on January 1st, we’ll still take your February 1st payment as a new Pay over 6 weeks purchase.

This means you’ll always have multiple Amazon Prime Pay over 6 weeks purchases active at the same time.

Can I use Pay now on subscriptions?

Yes! Just use your Zilch card details when you set up your payment and you'll earn 0.5% in Rewards every time you make a subscription payment.

How do I cancel a subscription?

You should contact your service provider directly if you want to cancel a subscription.

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