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How do I increase my credit limit?
How do I increase my credit limit?

Let's talk about your credit limit and how you might be able to increase it

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Fancy a little extra? As long as you haven’t reached your maximum limit, you might be able to increase your credit limit by using Zilch regularly, always paying on time and ticking off a few simple tasks in the app.

Where can I find my tasks?

You’ll find the tasks that need to be completed in the Zilch app. Simply click on your credit limit to see your to-do list.

What tasks do I need to complete?

There are a few different steps to complete before we can potentially give you a limit increase. These include…

  • Adding Zilch to your digital wallet

  • Using Zilch to Tap and Pay in-store

  • Enabling your Zilch card before checking out online

  • Checking out with Pay now (you’ll also get up to 5% back in Rewards, yesss)

  • Repaying an instalment before its due date.

  • Connecting to Open Banking

What happens when I complete my tasks?

As you tick off each task, we’ll reassess your credit limit, which means you could see an increase. We’ll always let you know when your credit limit has increased.

What if I don’t want my credit limit to increase?

If you don’t want your limit to change, simply contact us via live chat.

What if I’ve actioned all my tasks but I’m still not at my maximum limit?

If you can’t see any more tasks in your checklist, that means you’ve actioned them all. Well done. Continue using Zilch regularly and paying on time and you could reach your max limit.

Will my limit increase instantly?

If you’re eligible for a credit limit increase after ticking off a task, this increase will happen immediately.

Can my limit go down?

Yes, your limit can also go down. This usually happens if you’ve missed a scheduled payment, so it’s best to make sure you always pay on time. Missed payments can also have a negative effect on your credit score.

Will I be able to view my completed tasks?

When you tick off each task, it moves it into the Completed section. Just click the drop-down arrow to view each completed task.

How do I know if I’m at my maximum limit?

Your remaining credit limit and your maximum credit limit are always available to view in the app. Contact Customer Support if you’re having trouble locating yours.

Can I increase my maximum limit?

This is something we may review over time. We’ll always let you know if there are any changes to your credit limit.

Can I buy something that exceeds my credit limit?

Yes, you can with Zilch Boost – we just add the extra on to your first payment at checkout. For example, if your credit limit is £200 and you use Boost to make a purchase of £300, you’ll pay the following instalments:

  • £150 (plus any fees) at checkout (the £100 Boost amount + your first £50 instalment)

  • £50 two weeks after the transaction date

  • £50 four weeks after the transaction date

  • £50 six weeks after the transaction date

Got any other questions?

Search our help centre or contact our Customer Support team.

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