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What is Section 75?

See what payment protections you get with Zilch.

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Section 75 is a type of payment protection applied to certain credit purchases.

We're committed to giving you the best experience, even when things go wrong. That means giving you the correct protections and tools in place to make sure you can always use Zilch with confidence, including Section 75 protection.

Please read this article carefully to make sure your purchase is eligible for Section 75 protection. If you decide to make a claim, please have all the essential documents ready to share – we can't process any claim that does not meet these requirements.

What is Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974?

Section 75 legislation protects any purchases you make with Pay over 6 weeks or Pay over 3 months that are worth between £100-30,000.

When Does Section 75 Apply?

Section 75 means you might be eligible for a refund if:

  • The product or service you purchased is faulty

  • The seller breaches their contract with you

  • The product or service is not as described (also known as misrepresentation)

Even if the seller is no longer in business, you might still be able to claim your money back.

How do I make a claim?

First of all, please let us know you’d like to make a claim under Section 75 by contacting us in the app:

  • Open the Zilch app

  • Go to Purchases

  • Select the purchase you want to make a claim for

  • Tap Get help with this purchase

  • Tap the Dispute button

To support your claim, you'll need to share:

  • Your purchase details, including an order confirmation email, invoice or receipt

  • Any messages or emails from the store including those you sent about the issue

  • Any contracts you signed as part of the purchase

Every claim is unique, with different details and legal aspects to consider, so we’ll review every claim on a case-by-case basis.

If your purchase qualifies for Section 75 protection, we'll refund the payments you've made. If not, you can still challenge the seller by raising a chargeback.

Exceptions to Section 75

Section 75 doesn’t cover certain purchases, including:

  • Transactions not involving credit i.e. Zilch Pay in 1

  • Purchases you make for someone else (for example, a service contract in someone else's name)

  • Purchases made with PayPal

You should know that any purchase that isn’t made directly from the supplier of your items or service isn’t eligible for Section 75 protection. This means you won't be protected if you make a purchase from a third-party retailer. For example:

  • A Ryanair flight purchased through Expedia and not from Ryanair directly

  • An iPhone purchased through Apple’s Amazon page and not from Apple directly

  • Anything purchased on eBay

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