Why can't I see my purchase?

What to do if you can't see your purchase in the app.

Updated over a week ago

Most purchases you make with Zilch should show in your app straight away (along with any Rewards for Pay now purchases) but sometimes it can take a few hours for them to show up.

Some stores and retailers may take a little longer, for example, transport companies can't charge you until you've completed your journey and they can calculate your total.

Where can I view my purchases?

Open the app and tap on Purchases to view all the purchases you've made with your Zilch card.

My purchase still isn't showing

Make sure your purchase has definitely gone through and your purchase wasn't declined โ€“ check your bank account to see if any money has been taken. You should also check your inbox for any emails from the store as they may have cancelled your order.

If it looks like your payment was taken but you still can't see it in the app after a few days, get in touch or start a Live Chat in the app and we'll look into it for you.

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