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Missing Zilch Rewards?

Here's what to do if you get the wrong Reward amount.

Updated over a week ago

If you didn't get your Rewards, or got less Rewards than you expected, you can start a Live Chat with our team in the app and we'll be happy to look into this for you.

Where are my refer a friend Rewards?

Rewards for friend referrals are only added to your account after your friend makes a Tap and Pay purchase in-store. They'll need to add their Zilch card to Apple Wallet, Google Wallet or Samsung Wallet to do this.

I didn’t get my Rewards for the Zilch sign-up offer

Add your Zilch card to a digital wallet and make a Tap and Pay in-store purchase to earn your sign-up Rewards.

Missing Rewards after a refund

When you request a refund, the Rewards you earned on the purchase (or part of the purchase) you return will also be removed from your account, so your total Rewards balance will go down.

When you receive a refund on a Pay now purchase, the Rewards you earned on the refunded amount will be deducted from your Rewards balance. If you've already spent these Rewards, then your balance may go into negative numbers.

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