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How to save with Zilch
How to save with Zilch

Read our top tips on how to save money using Zilch

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Feeling the pinch this January? You’re not alone. We’ve put together a series of Zilch Hacks to help you save. But the best bit? You can use these all year round. You’re welcome.

1. App and save

You’ll always pay the lowest fees – or no fees at all – when you shop via the app. Simply search for your store, choose how you want to pay and enable your card before checkout. Customers save £5 a month on average by shopping via the Zilch app, so don’t miss out. Appy days.

2. Subscribe and save

Netflix. Prime. Spotify. Make your under-£10 subscriptions work for you when you pay with Zilch. Simply swap your current payment details for your Zilch card details and you’ll get 0.5% back in Rewards each time your subscriptions renew.

Fancy saving even more? Sign up for a year of Amazon Prime and choose Pay over 6 weeks and you could save £13 – paying just £95 for the full year, rather than £108 when you pay monthly.

3. Gift and save

Don’t want to pay a fee to shop online or in-store? Buy a Prezzee gift card via the Zilch app instead.

Prezzee gift cards have no fees and you can choose from over 150 retailers. Just buy the Prezzee gift card and then redeem it at your chosen store. It’s the cheat code for fee-free shopping.

4. Snooze and save

Got an instalment due? Give yourself a bit of breathing space and free up a little cash by using Snooze to delay your payment by four days.

It’s free to snooze the second or third instalment or you can snooze everything or your final instalment for a fee of £1.50.

Just make sure you hit snooze before your due date or it might be classed as a missed payment, which could affect your credit score.

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