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Where can I find my Zilch card details?
Where can I find my Zilch card details?

Here’s where you can find your Zilch card details for shopping online

Updated over a week ago

When you sign up to Zilch, you won’t have to wait for a card to drop on your doormat. Instead, you’ll instantly receive a virtual card that you can use to shop online or add to your digital wallet to Tap and Pay on the go.

To find your card details, follow these steps…

  1. Open the Zilch app

  2. Head to My Account

  3. Click Zilch Card Settings

  4. View your details.

FYI, when you’re shopping online via the Zilch app, you’ll need to copy and paste your card details at the checkout. Once you’ve enabled your card at your chosen store, your card details will appear in the Zilch app.

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