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How do I know what my payment amount will be?
How do I know what my payment amount will be?

When it comes to borrowing, clarity is key. Here’s how you can figure out what your payment amount will be at checkout and afterwards

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With Zilch, you can make those bigger purchases more comfortably with the option to Pay over 6 weeks with no interest. When you open an account, we’ll give you your credit limit, so you’ll know exactly how much you can spend.

Find out more about your credit limit here.

How does Pay over 6 weeks work?

Pay over 6 weeks lets you spread the cost over time. When you use Pay over 6 weeks, you’ll pay from 25% (plus any fees) of the total purchase cost when you check out – the final 75% of the payment will be broken into three transactions made fortnightly over six weeks.

Your Pay over 6 weeks breakdown will look like this:

  • From 25% (plus any fees) at checkout

  • 25% two weeks after purchase date

  • 25% four weeks after purchase date

  • 25% six weeks after purchase date

You can keep an eye on your upcoming payments by going to the Upcoming tab on the Purchase screen in the Zilch app.

Will I be charged a fee to Pay over 6 weeks?

We like to keep fees completely transparent, so you don’t have to worry about any hidden costs. You can use Pay over 6 weeks with zero fees at thousands of popular stores, including Amazon and eBay. Some stores will charge up to £3 for using Pay over 6 weeks but we’ll always tell you about any fees upfront.

Can I pay in full upfront?

Absolutely. If you’d rather, you can pay in full and earn Rewards while you shop.

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