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How do I get a refund when I've paid with Zilch?
How do I get a refund when I've paid with Zilch?
Returning an item? Let us take you through the refund process whether you Pay in 1 or Pay in 4
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Changed your mind? Don’t worry, getting a refund with Zilch is hassle-free.

How do I get a refund?

Follow the store's returns process as you normally would, either online or in-store.

If you chose to Pay in 4, we’ll check to see whether you have an outstanding balance on your purchase once we’ve received your refund.

What happens to my Pay in 4 balance with a full refund?

When you return the entire order on a Pay in 4 purchase, we’ll refund you any payments that you’ve already made and all future payments will be cancelled.

What happens to my Pay in 4 balance with a partial refund?

If you’ve only returned part of your Pay in 4 order, we’ll apply the refund cost of these items to your future instalments.

If your partial refund is less than the balance you have left to pay, we’ll refund you the difference. FYI, refunds are applied starting with your final payment, working backwards to your most recent payment.

Will I need to make payments while I wait for my refund?

Yes. Until the store has accepted your return and processed a refund, you’ll still have to repay any instalments due on your account. Don’t worry, processing a refund is usually speedy and you’ll be refunded any money owed to you once this has been done.

What if I used Pay in 1?

If you chose to Pay in 1, you’ll be refunded the full amount back to your card.

Will the Zilch Anywhere fee be refunded?

Unfortunately not. We’re unable to refund the £2.50 Zilch Anywhere fee unless the original order was cancelled by the retailer within 24 hours.

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