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Closing someone else's account
Closing someone else's account

Request an account closure.

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We're very sorry if you're dealing with a situation where you have to close someone else's account due to ill health or bereavement. We're here to help in any way we can.

If the customer is no longer able to use Zilch

If you have power of attorney, you can close a Zilch account in someone else's name, but we'll need to see proof of this first. Just get in touch or start a Live Chat in the app.

If the customer has passed away

Please contact Customer Support by starting a Live Chat in the app or calling us on 020 3405 9775 – whatever is easiest for you. They’ll ask you for your loved one’s mobile phone number or home address and a copy of the death certificate. Once we have these, our specialist team will take over and will contact you to confirm the account closure.

There are resources available to you to help in this time:

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