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Pay over 6 weeks charged in full
Pay over 6 weeks charged in full

Had a purchase go through wrong? Here's what to do.

Updated over a week ago

If your Pay over 6 weeks purchase has gone through as a Pay now purchase, or we've used the wrong payment method for your purchase, check the following:

Your default purchase setting

Make sure this was set to Pay over 6 weeks if you made the purchase with Tap and Pay without opening the app. Remember, if you don't open the Zilch app and enable your card or choose Zilch Anywhere and select how you want to pay, we'll take a purchase according to your default purchase setting.

Your purchase amount

Pay over 6 weeks purchases have a minimum purchase limit of £10 – anything under this is taken as a Pay now purchase. If you applied Rewards to your purchase and this took the amount to less than £10, it will be taken as Pay now.

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Start a Live Chat in the app or get in touch, we'll be happy to help.

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