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Signing up to Zilch
Can I open a Zilch account?
Can I open a Zilch account?

Want to start shopping with Zilch? Read on to see if you’re eligible for an account

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To sign up to Zilch, you must be a UK resident and be at least 18 years old.

You might not be able to use Zilch if:

  • You don’t adhere to our terms and conditions during the registration process

  • We’re unable to verify your identity, address or debit card details

  • Our internal credit check tells us you don’t qualify

  • You’re flagged as a politically exposed, special interest or sanctioned individual during the verification process

As responsible lenders, our priority is to make sure you’re not borrowing outside of your means. That’s why when you sign up, you’ll be given a personalised credit limit based on what we think you can safely afford to repay.

Read about how to sign up to Zilch here.

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