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Refund terms and conditions
Refund terms and conditions

Want to get a refund on your Zilch purchase? Here are the T&Cs you need to know

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Arranging your refund with the retailer

If you decide to return goods to a retailer that were purchased via an approved transaction, and request a refund, it will be your responsibility to arrange the return directly with the retailer, in accordance with the retailer’s lawful requirements, their returns policy and all other applicable laws. This also applies if you are intending to obtain a refund in respect of services provided by a retailer.

Changes to your repayment plan

We will not cancel or suspend your payment plan as set out in clause 6.1 until we have confirmation that the return has been accepted by the retailer and a refund, or partial refund as the case may be, is being processed. Until the retailer has provided us with the appropriate refund, you will remain liable to us for the full repayment of the purchase price, in accordance with clause 6.1.

Issuing your refund

Subject to the clause below, once we have received a refund of the purchase price from the retailer, we will issue you with a refund to the debit card you have registered with us. We will then adjust or cancel your payment plan as set out in clause 6.1 accordingly.

Partial refunds

If the retailer only makes a partial refund of the purchase price, we will set the amount refunded off against each of the instalments paid or payable by you, starting with the last instalment and ending with the first instalment.

For example, if you make an approved transaction worth £100, and having paid your first instalment of £25 to us, you agree a partial refund of £50 with the retailer: we will keep the £50 refunded by the retailer and your payment plan will be altered such that the third and fourth instalments will be cancelled, and you will only be liable to pay the second instalment of £25. Alternatively, if in the same scenario you agree a £50 refund after your third instalment of £25 has been paid to us (so you have paid £75 in total), we will keep £25 of the £50 refunded, cancel your fourth instalment, and refund you with the remaining £25 from the retailer.


If the retailer issues store credit or any other form of credit in place of a monetary refund, we will not be able to collect the refund. In such circumstances, you shall repay to us all remaining or outstanding amounts in accordance with clause 6.1.

If you decide you wish to return your purchase and agree a refund with the retailer after you have repaid the purchase price to us in full, we will not have any involvement in the return and refund process. Any refund agreed with the retailer should be provided directly to you by the retailer.

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