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What does ‘match a refund’ mean?
What does ‘match a refund’ mean?

Here’s everything you need to know about matching a refund

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If you’ve made a return and received a refund, we might ask you to ‘match’ the refund. What do we mean? This basically means that the store hasn’t told us which purchase your refund applies to.

How do I ‘match a refund’?

You’ll get a pop-up in the Zilch app. Simply select which purchase you want your refund to be applied to. FYI, you can’t amend this once you’ve confirmed it, so double check you’re choosing the right purchase…

What if the purchase isn’t showing?

You can match a refund to any open purchase from the store you’ve received a refund from. If you don’t have an open purchase with that store, you can apply it to an open purchase from another retailer. This will reduce the amount of any upcoming payments you might have scheduled.

If you don’t have any open purchases, you can apply the refund to a fully paid purchase and we’ll credit the refund to your bank account.

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