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Referrals terms and conditions
Referrals terms and conditions

All you need to know about the T&Cs of our referral scheme

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If you refer someone to Zilch

You'll need to be a UK resident aged 18 or over with an existing Zilch account.

What is the promotion?

Our referral promotion allows Zilch customers to earn Zilch Rewards when they refer a friend. You – and the people you refer – must meet all the criteria. If you or they do not, or if you or they partially meet the criteria, you will not receive Zilch Rewards.

What do we need to do?

After you've shared your referral link with a friend, they must:

  1. Sign up to Zilch using your unique referral link

  2. Verify their identity

  3. Add their Zilch card to their digital wallet

  4. Make a Tap and Pay purchase

£5* in Rewards will be applied automatically to both your account and your friend's account after they've made their first Tap and Pay transaction.

You can refer as many friends as you like.

*During promotional periods, this may increase

When we won't pay you

  1. We may, at our sole discretion, suspend, terminate or change these terms and conditions without notice.

  2. The purchase that your friend completes must be a Tap and Pay purchase. If your friend makes an online purchase, then they will not have completed the task to earn the referral Rewards.

  3. Ensure that you use the new referral code that you can find in the app. The old one will still work but it will drive your friend to a web journey where they cannot add their Zilch card to their wallet. The new referral code is only available in the app, you won’t find it on the web. So we recommend that if you have shared your link historically, you update it to the latest one.

  4. We appreciate you sharing your unique referral link far and wide with folks you know. But if we suspect that you're gaming the offer (for example, using advertising to promote your link) then we have the right to stop paying you the Reward. We'll reach out to you to let you know we've done this.

  5. Once your friend completes the referral tasks, the Reward amount is determined by the date your friend completes registration. For example, it is possible that there is a referral promotion of £15 for you and a friend in month 'A', which could decrease to £5 in month 'B'. If you share the link in Month 'A' but your friend registers in Month 'B', you'll receive £5, rather than £15.

  6. By signing up via your friend's referral link, they will be notified when you have signed up and completed the referral task. If you would like to remain anonymous to the referrer, then you will be able to do so by updating your privacy setting in the app.

We'll keep the person who referred you updated on your progress

This could include confirming that you've:

  • Opened an account

  • Made your first transaction

The small print...

If you take part in our referral scheme, we assume you’ve read and agreed to these terms and conditions. If we suspect any fraud or breach of these terms, we can refuse to pay the £5 bonus or reverse a payment we’ve already made.

We can’t promise we’ll say yes to everyone who applies for Zilch after using a unique referral link. Like all financial service providers, we have a responsibility to keep Zilch and all our customers safe, so there are lots of factors we look at when you apply. We’ll collect, store and process the data for everyone who takes part in line with our Privacy Notice. And the last thing from us: English law applies to this referral scheme. Anyone who enters it submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

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