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Rewards terms and conditions
Rewards terms and conditions

Take a closer look at our terms and conditions for using Zilch Rewards

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  1. By using the App or Website, you agree to be bound by these reward points (Rewards) terms and to immediately start collecting Rewards as set out in this clause 21. Rewards are loyalty points that you can use for future purchases of goods and services at participating merchants.

  2. When will we award Rewards? Each time you use Zilch to Pay Now, we'll award you with Rewards at the then advertised reward percentage (Reward Rate). The amount of Rewards awarded will be determined as follows: Purchase price x Reward Rate x 100, rounded up to the next whole number. For example: (Purchase price of £500) multiplied by (Advertised Reward Rate of 2%) x 100 = 1000 Zilch Rewards Points. 1 Point is the equivalent of 1 pence.

  3. We may also provide Zilch Rewards:
    a. For signing up to Zilch (once you have passed our know-your-client checks); and
    b. Where you refer a friend (or where a friend refers you) to Zilch and you make a qualifying purchase.

  4. You will not earn Rewards on any portion of any Transaction that was made in connection with Rewards. For example, if you enter into a Zilch Pay Now Transaction with a purchase price of £100, while using 2000 Reward Points (the equivalent of £20.00), you will only earn Zilch Reward Points on £80 of the purchase.

  5. If you have a purchase refunded or cancelled, we will cancel the Rewards earned for that purchase.

  6. We may not award further Rewards if you are in arrears under your Zilch Account.

  7. Claiming your Points. If you have previously been awarded Rewards, you may apply them to reduce the amount you pay in relation to a new Transaction by enabling the Zilch Rewards toggle that's presented to you before purchase.

  8. Please note that Rewards expire 12 months from the date of the award.

  9. We can set off Rewards against amounts you owe us under your Zilch Account. We can remove Rewards that we’ve awarded to you due to a mistake of ours and can also remove your Rewards if you are in default under or violate this agreement and we determine that we need to stop further spend.

  10. Rewards cannot be converted into cash or transferred to any bank or card accounts. You cannot assign, transfer or move Rewards. You cannot combine your Rewards with Rewards awarded to any other person. There are no exchanges or refunds on unused Rewards.

  11. We have the right to suspend your use of your Rewards in the event that we have suspended use of the Zilch Account or Zilch Card under this agreement.

  12. Fraud and abuse of Zilch Rewards. If we have reasonable grounds to believe that you have engaged in any fraud or material abuse related to Zilch Rewards, such as seeking to obtain an advantage through unfair or deceptive means, we may take actions which we reasonably consider appropriate in the circumstances, and this may include immediately stopping the award of further Reward Points and/or forfeiting your existing Reward Points.

  13. Changes to the Rewards programme. We can change the Rewards programme for any reason particularly to reflect the arrangements we have in place with Eligible Stores (for example, with regards to the percentage Rewards you are likely to earn on a per-transaction basis given this is at the discretion of our Eligible Stores). Where possible, we will aim to give you at least 30 days’ notice but if the change is to your advantage, we will still tell you about it but may make the change sooner.

  14. Termination of the Rewards programme. We can terminate the Zilch Rewards programme at any time by giving you at least 30 days’ notice but will give you 60 days from such date to use any unused Rewards.

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