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Can I verify my identity without photo ID?
Can I verify my identity without photo ID?

Trying to sign up to Zilch but don't have photo ID? Here's what to do instead

Written by Zilch Support
Updated over a week ago

As a responsible lender, we’re required to verify your identity when you open a Zilch account. We do this to prevent identity fraud and to keep your money safe.

One of the ways we do this is by asking you for a valid government-issued ID, which could be a valid passport, driving licence, provisional licence or national identity card with a photograph of the applicant (ie PASS Citizen card).

If you don't have a photo ID, we will accept your birth certificate and might request a selfie of you holding it. Don’t worry, this photo will only ever be used for identity verification purposes.

Please get in touch with Customer Support to explain your situation and someone will assist you. You can find out more about the verification process here.

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