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What is my spending limit?
What is my spending limit?

Here you'll find all the info you need on your available Zilch balance

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At Zilch, we like to make sure we’re lending responsibly. To make sure we’re doing this, we place limits on how much you can borrow when you choose to Pay over 6 weeks.

When you open a Zilch account, we’ll give you two different limits – your credit limit and your open purchase limit. Here’s what they mean and where you can find them.

What is my credit limit?

Your credit limit (you might also see this referred to as your available-to-split limit) is the maximum purchase you can make using Pay over 6 weeks. You’ll be told what this is when you sign up.

Need a little extra? You can use our Boost feature to make a larger purchase. You could also increase your credit limit by paying off instalments early or on time or by linking open banking.

What is my open purchase limit?

‘Open purchase’ simply refers to the amount of Pay over 6 weeks purchases you’re currently repaying. Your open purchase limit is the amount of Pay over 6 weeks purchases you can make at any one time.

Once you reach your open purchase limit, you’ll have to pay off one or more open Pay over 6 weeks purchases before you can shop using Pay over 6 weeks again.

Are there any limits on Pay now?

Nope, you can make as many Pay now purchases as you like (and reap all of the Rewards, you lucky thing). But FYI, we do set a single purchase limit of £2000 per day on Pay now purchases.

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