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How does a chargeback work?
How does a chargeback work?

Struggling to resolve your refund directly with the store? Here’s how Zilch can help

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When it comes to claiming a refund, you should follow the store’s returns policy in the first instance. If you struggle to resolve things with them (ie if they’re refusing your refund or you don’t get a response) Zilch can step in.

Contact our Customer Support team to raise a chargeback. They’ll ask you for the following information…

  • Your original order confirmation with complete transaction details

  • A thorough description of your dispute with the store

  • Screenshots as evidence that you’ve attempted to contact the retailer.

Psst… If you can’t provide supporting documents, you’ll need to explain in detail what’s happened and why you don’t have the evidence. These documents simply help us support you in getting your money back.

What happens next?

Once our team has raised a chargeback, the store has 45 days to respond. After we receive their response, we’ll review the case and progress accordingly.

If the store doesn’t respond within 45 days, we’ll automatically refund you the disputed amount.

How long does it take to claim a chargeback?

We’ll ask you to be patient with us while we sort things out for you. This could take up to 120 days – this timeline is set out by Mastercard so is out of our hands.

There’s more information about this over at Mastercard.

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